Do You Have Any Tegridy? | Tegridy Farms Launch Video

You wanna witness some real actual history? Back in the day, George and a few of the founding fathers did have hemp farms cuz they knew the meaning of hard …


  1. Grow your own on your property, don't sell it off, store it properly, enjoy nearly free weed all year and the next season and never give these 🐷PIGS a dime of your money. 😎👍🏻

  2. BEST SHOW EVER. They tell it like is and have been since 1997…ALOT OF IT'S content goes right over the heads of millions…BUT most gen Xers with common sense ,who aren't living in caves, know that 99% of South Park episodes always have THE TRUTH branded into them by the end. Smart and hilarious show! I love it!…I wonder how that poor whale looks by now…☻

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