Delta 8 THC: The 'legal' version of marijuana

… 9 being cannabis, Delta 8 being available in hemp. If it’s hemp, it is legal. Still gets you stoned and it is made legal under the same laws that made CBD legal,” …


  1. This is so bias im just laughing the whole video. Isn't Florida America's biggest meth and opioid problem and they out here worried about hemp…. I bet they played a bunch of beer and pill ads during commercials too🤦😂😂

  2. I’m guessing it’s like beer and liquor?! Oh wait that’s legal for all y’all with wet bars in your offices. It’s a sad attempt to violate the people’s rights.
    Make laws to pad the pockets of the elite.

  3. Why are they making it sound like the beginning of a horrible war lol , like I was diagnosed with muscle spasms as a kid I’m 24 and I still have chronic back pain. Muscle relaxer cause a negative effect on me, but one hit of delta 8 and my back pain is gone. What’s the problem you guys afraid pharma is gonna lose business?

  4. Cbd, Delta 8, and Cannabis all have great medical value and it helps a lot with pain! Way better than those opioid pills!! People that hate on Cannabis don't know what its like to be in pain. They don't know what it like to wake up in the middle of the night with their head in severe pain with bad migraines. Think about it. You are only you! What would you do if you were in pain a lot and found that Cannabis products gave you the best relief?

  5. Statistically, How many people have been killed by someone driving and smoking marijuana? Have you ever seen a news story that’s states : “person smoking marijuana kills an innocent while driving”? No. Innocent people are killed by drunk driving everyday. This country is in an actual opioid crisis and y’all are seriously worried about marijuana? Maybe y’all should see what the hell is wrong with Oregon😂 They legalized in their state heroine, meth, and crack.

  6. The old generation needs to either wake up or just pass away, it’s not 1950 and the devils lettuce era anymore. Jesus Christ relax it’s just weed and this delta 8 compound is half as potent. Maybe they should make alcohol illegal too with their thinking.

  7. “to find another way to stone America”.
    Obviously someone has a personal bias against marijuana, which should discredit his argument alone, but it’s ridiculous to think that people relaxing on marijuana and alcohol is all that different. If you have common sense and moderation you don’t need to worry 🙂

  8. So if your worried about someone taking enough delta 8 and driving under the influence shouldn’t you be worried about someone taking enough alcohol and driving under the influence to just as much.

  9. If it’s less potent I wouldn’t be making a big deal over it that’s like trying to take beer or wine off the Self if you drink enough beer you will get same effect of liquor pretty much what’s his point people just need to be responsible.

  10. I have worked at the FDA ORA office.There is so much misinformation and fear mongering. Delta-8 is not intoxicating. It does not inhibit motor skills or reaction times. Delta-8 works directly on the body than the brain. There is no "high" from it like Delta-9. What they describe is the relaxation that it gives you muscles but your nervous sudden system. It gives you the feeling of just stepping out from a hot tub or sauna into the cold. Your muscles relax but you are not in any way intoxicated. You may get a little sleepy which is no different type of sleepy you would get from stepping out of a hot environment into a cold one.

    Please be careful where you get your information from a smoke shop. Notice he never gave any true benefits about it? He only have enough information to justify selling it to qualify it as legal. Smoke shops love to market the products they carry as legal highs. I've even seen a smoke shop carry Robitussin, bath salts and spice. It's shops and uneducated people like him that cause the products to derived from this great plant to be outlawed. When CBD first came out, allot of shops falsely claimed it could get you high for only highlighted that it came from the cannabis plant. Statements like this made it harder to legalize it and get it to children who really needed it.

    The other source of information is from a law enforcement official who is extremely biased. The same scare tactics were used when CBD was becoming more available. Now you see them sold in big chain Walgreens, Kroger's and even PetSmart. I bet if you ask him about CBD he would demonize it and how we can get you high and spread more propaganda. Keep in mind on who is the money behind keeping cannabis both hemp and marijuana illegal. Private prisons and attorneys have a big stake in keeping things illegal. Private prisons make money with the more people they can get in jail and keep there. Attorneys make money by defending people from these charges. Almost no hard data supports that legalizing marijuana leads to more DUIs or accidents in a state long term. Most of the traffic deaths that have occurred were due to alcohol or marijuana combined with alcohol and/or other inhibiting substances. Imagine if a loved one had a cup of coffee in the morning then took methamphetamines in the evening. How would you feel if they blamed it on the caffeine If he ended up having a heart attack? Some of these organizations that had honorable beginnings now cater to whoever their biggest donors are which are the same people trying to keep it illegal. Don't forget how prohibition started against cannabis in the 1930s. It was banned due to racist stereotypes and a man with a media empire that was protecting his interest no matter who it harmed including the country.

    If you really want to know the truth about what this is do your own research and peer review it. Check various sources and make your own decision. You can also visit a CBD health wellness stores. They will be far more educated and explain the therapeutic benefits for all hemp derived products. Their goal is to help you get the right product for your needs instead of trying to get you high. If you have the flu would you go to the corner gas station and ask the attendant what they recommend? Wouldn't you rather go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist what he recommends? Just because you sell it doesn't make you an expert.

    There is NO form of " legal marijuana ". Anything with 0.3% or less Delta 9 THC is hemp and legal. This includes anything derived from it. Anything above 0.3% Delta 9 THC is marijuana including anything derived from it. Delta 8 is made specifically from CBD. It's basically supercharged CBD that is immediately beneficial to specific things.

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