Coronary Angiogram (Full Length Procedure)

We take you inside Mary Greeley’s Cardiac Cath Lab with video featuring an actual coronary angiogram procedure, performed by Dr. Robert Shapiro of …


  1. I had this done in st barts London this year ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง. 2 stents put in, they saved my life. I had a heart attack before the procedure on 23rd December 2020. I felt so ill for months before the attack, I feel 100% now , donโ€™t be worried about having this done

  2. I had this procedure 2 times, the first one in 2008 when I had my first heart attack and a stroke and the doctor found an artery that was very bad. The next day I had another procedure to put a stent. And the second catheterization was 2012 with a new doctor and he found that I have more problems and I have to take medication for life.

  3. my ma is going in for her angio tomorrow (12.11.20) really hoping that everything is okay and successful. iโ€™m so scared that things could go wrong. hoping so hard for everything to be okay.

  4. Thank you for this video. I just had this procedure this morning through my leg.

    I'm really sore tonight, but I'm alright. At least I can rest up at home. I was already in the hospital since Sunday (today is Wednesday.)

    I remember bits and pieces of the procedure but not much. I was out mostly. No I can have an idea what went on.

    BTW, I had no serious blockage, but some minor thickening in my right coronary artery (10%).

  5. So what the doctor is saying is that we are going to charge you for a procedure that in turn was not needed to be done. "We're going to wait until it gets worst". What a sham.

  6. Going for my 2nd one tomorrow, not looking forward to the Burning sensation or the pressure bracelet. Took Absolutely AGES before they took it off but I'm not complaining.
    Terrified about the covid risk as I'm in the at risk group.

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