If you’re looking for a CBD l beverage enhancer, LOOK NO FURTHER!! This stuff is top quality medicine for anxiety, depression, pain relief, sleep deprivation, …


  1. Im looking for a CBD oil or CBD dabs that are the most body relaxing, I live in a state where marijuana is not legal not, so I’m looking for something that has that really nice body relaxing factor, can someone help me or lead me to some good CBD, CBD syrup or CBD dabs?

  2. These videos keep me going . I’ve learned about products and things that can actually help me with my chronic pain and I’ve learned how to use CBD and marijuana as medication instead of opioids. It’s not just some guy sitting around smoking for money , he actually cares about the people he works with and his followers and subscribers . This page feels more like a home , helps me stay positive and have a bit of joy in a time that can feel really lonely and helpless . Thank you for what you do SD 💚

  3. Opioids are terrible they ruined my great grandpa and grandpa's lives they were both hard working Mason's and the pills consumed they're everyday life because the doctors said they "needed" it since they both had bad accidents now almost everyone in my family smokes weed none of us mess worth pills other than my uncle

  4. I’m loving it SD thanks for the great recommendation I’m a cancer patient who is always looking to medicate without pharmaceuticals cheers much love and as always positive vibes ooowwweeee

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