Can YOU use this CBD oil for ANXIETY? I put it to the test in this video. CBD SITE: 15% OFF: DJ15 SUBSCRIBE …


  1. You are a perfect example of someone that doesn't let your situation define you! Instead you overcame and conquered and that is inspirational, may God bless you! I also just started taking cbd oil and it is incredible for anxiety I'm so greatful I didn't have to get on medication the oil just takes the edge off and makes it manageable!

  2. CBD changed my LIFE Guys after 10 years of smoking atleast 5 grams a day. I cannot tell you what it's done for me. I've tried to quit so many times and always been unsuccessful until I found out about CBD.

    If you're based within Europe, I strongly suggest to visit VAPEZEN9.COM. I've tried alot of cbd products but found theirs most effective and for 1000mg I haven't found anywhere as cheap in UK. Hope this helps someone. Best wishes everyone x

  3. Hey man, Iโ€™ve struggled most of my life with the symptoms you just said, especially social anxiety adhd and also have tinnitus
    So a fair few concerns, so no wonder I have anxiety. My problem is I lack energy or concentration. So any suggestions please.
    Love the humble videos and extremely detailed information and easy to understand information.

    Wish you well

  4. What other benefits does cbd oil have like has it helped you improve social skills or memory. I struggle with things like anxiety, and visual memory I would like to give it try but I donโ€™t know if I can access cbd or THC based on where I live. I think we should advocate for research into cbd and thc for possible treatments for autism.

  5. yo bro, very good video!! CBD is a life changer for my gf aswelll ! pain, anxiety, all of that changed ! that is super sweet.
    But you know what ? i know that CBD isnt reacting the same way one everyone, that is why it is important to test and especially, understand. Understand how our body react and all. I take my CBD on plantandhemp, they have a large choice and other brand for better price ^^
    But i love their flowers! if you smoke, try the white widow, worth the travel :p

  6. It might be legal in the US, but as a teacher, I am not allowed to take it. And as someone with HFAU, stress gets worse as I get older!! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  7. I recently got approved for my Medical THC card in Minnesota. Haven't had enough time to thoroughly comment, but I was using before I could legally. And it helps as I dont like to leave my home unless I have a goal to keep me grounded

  8. Can you put up the name of this CBD and the address or website about where to order it. I've been really excited to try CBD's. I've got the same combination of things as you have, which causes me a lot of anxiety. I can really use the CBD for sleep too. One other thi g that you may not have control of, several times during your videos these dumbass advertisements keep interrupting, very annoying. Keep up the good work!

  9. I've only tried a few. The only one I noticed a difference with was from (not sure about his name) Mike Adams the Health Ranger… he has a website…I need to find his site and order more. Have you ever tried his?

  10. Bloomin' heck it's expensive ยฃ54.99 for a 10ml bottle of oil, that's a lot of money as they recommend about 15 drops a day and there's only about 200 drops in the bottle. Will have to save up.

  11. We just started giving my daughter CBD for her anxiety, ASD and ADHD. We are excited to see if it works for her. The doctor seems confident that she will respond well to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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