1. Cathrine im smoking on my vape But Huge Question for you im doing research and i think you could help me =) I'm Moving to georgia and there a lot stricter on there weed laws but i do qualify for my med card in GA too but i can only buy a lLOWTHC HIGH CBD OILl wich i dont even know can be smoked like any wax but i hope there is because id put it in my vape and i'm good, and as you know being in business i cant get stoned all the time only maybe one day a week on the weekends so i thank you for youre videos <3 צו געזונט

  2. Started experimenting with a one to one THC to Siri. I used be so turned off to cannabis because of the THC qualities but since I upped the CBD, I have realized how this plant can be so medicinal thanks for your video

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