Best Grow Tents for Growing Weed

Looking for a new grow tent? Starting your first cannabis grow? This video will help you choose which is the best grow tent for growing weed for your needs.


  1. I have 6 plants in 3 gallon pots in my 4X2, 3 rows of 2, but mine is over 6ft high not 4-5, and I know Many other people that have the same size tent and do similar. This is a perfect closet size. The strain has a lot to do with grow space, I would no way be able to have 6 in a 4X2X6 if they weren't a compact type that I could manage height.

  2. I just recently got my 2ft x 2ft grow tent but the height is only 3ft do you think that's big enough for 2 plants? I'm going to be using 600w LED lights. I'm thinking is going to be to small not enough space between light and plants.

  3. Hi, just been watching some of your videos 😀👌🏽
    What would you recommend to cool my attic during the summer?
    An air cooler/con or a stronger inline fan?

    Looking for an alternative to air con as it’ll be too expensive to run.

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