Anti-vaxxers take over Adelaide's CBD ahead of COVID-19 vaccine rollout | 7NEWS

Adelaide’s anti-vax movement has marched on parliament house demanding the COVID vaccine rollout be scrapped before it has even begun. 4000 doses will …


  1. the government vaccinating everyone would probably be a step too far but if a company wants their workers vaccinated then they should be able to do that, I understand getting employment can be tricky but your not legally required to work for that company

  2. Hey 7 news have you read the comments below it should give you a few clues but don't forget not many people who don't want this stuff in their body's would be the type of person to watch this because it's main stream media and slowly but surely people are waking up to to this rubbish !here's a tip try doing what sky news Australia do SAY IT AS IT IS !!!!!

  3. And they have every right to air their beliefs. Its healthy to hear different opinions on topics like this. I for one will never have a Vaccine because I don't put drugs, pharmaceuticals or chemicals in my body. If I want to keep my immune system high I eat healthy foods, I don't need dodgy drugs!

  4. I had all the vaccines as a child so I am not against VACCINES.However these Politicans went over the top with this FLU and now they have to save face to get themselves out of this financial mess.

  5. And while you're at it guys,, medicines from pharma aren't safe either. LETS SAY NO TO EVERYTHING and see how healthy we are! People can't keep their jobs without a vaccine..but the government can't prove there is a deadly contagious disease airborne.. dare i say this because they will start to effect death in this way if it helps the agenda!

  6. Just saying “ it’s safe” doesn’t mean anything! Why they don’t explain these vaccines in details on TV channels? Who are these “experts”? People want to know their names! And hear from them.

  7. All they need is a power outage and the vaccines will go off. I hope all the Politicians walk in off the street to a random injection centre to get same jab as the little people, and not pull the stunt of receiving a saline jab on national TV like the Political Show Ponies overseas have done.

  8. More like 'pro medical freedomers'. The right to choose what you do or don't put in your own blood stream… A basic human right. Just like fluoride lol, it's good for your teeth, so let's pump it into the water, along with a bunch of other chemicals that are known for adverse effects in the human body… But we say it's good for you, so just do as we say and drink it…

  9. I'm pretty sure that when Julia Gillard was prime minister and she kept saying we need to prepare ourselves for 2020, this is exactly what she meant. This was all planned a long time ago.

  10. How are they anti-vaxxers? It’s a much more complicated issue than that. EXPERIMENTAL and UNTESTED. It could be a vaccine, food drink.. why does it matter? It’s not safe, using basic logic.

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