1. I’m 17 and I used to smoke on the daily for what I believe was around 3-4 months straight. Weed was really there to just make me happy and for me to get away from all the problems I had with family and etc. It took me a while to realize that I was addicted, because my mindset at that time, was that it was the only thing that made me happy , and feeling good when life sucks. I also had to keep hiding from my parents, who in turn were anti-smoking to the max. The only thing that truly made me stop, was realizing how much money I was spending, and when I didn’t have any money, I was making it my mission to mooch off as little money as I can to get my craving back. I was resorting to stealing from others to just have my 2 hours of relaxation . I couldn’t do anything normal anymore without having weed by my side. All the friends that I always had to smoke with, would not hang out with me if I didn’t have any to bring or use. All of this, and the fact that I’m paying for my happiness, really got me thinking hard and realizing that what I’m doing is wrong, and that weed itself is not holding me back, but I’m holding back myself for things I could be better off doing right now

    I decided go full cold turkey, and have been going for 4-5 weeks now, and I can consider myself completely insane. I feel depressed, and that anything, even the slightest bit of criticism or negativity makes me feel shit for the entire day. But, I know that I’m doing myself a favor, and once I feel normal, then I will realize the full damage of what I’ve done. If I ever want do want to come back to it when my life and responsibilities are taken care of, I HIGHLY suggest myself and others NOT to continue again if it’s really hard for you to stop. It’s not worth it, and the withdrawal really. It’s great to try it and to get to know the feeling, but having it as a lifestyle will have have more serious consequences than you will ever imagine.

  2. At first when I'd smoke everyday for only 6 months it felt so easy for me to quit and now I've been smoking everyday for 2 years and I just want to quit smoking to save money and not feel like I need to smoke instead use it as a reward

  3. Nothing wrong with smoking it everyday but you need to stay active and tire the body and the mind out naturally with work excersise ect just sitting on your ass everyday getting stoned is not good for anyone

  4. On my journey everyone in the comment section giving me the drive 💪 been cold turkey 2-3 days and boy it has been rough!! The insomnia is the worst 😭 and I'm just now getting my appetite back a little

  5. Went from smoking everyday to only one time in the last three weeks. Feel better already and im curious how i feel after 4/5/6 months cause some people say including you thats the time you need to feel completely normal again

  6. Haven’t smoked or done any drugs in almost a year, just a couple more months. I’ve been researching cannabis and the main concerns I have with it are Mental health, lung health, The Digestive track, and daily activities.

    I’ve been wanting to smoke some weed, but I’m different from a year ago. I don’t want to smoke it all the time and I’m much smarter then I was a year ago. The way I see it is cannabis can be bad for some people if you have mental illness etc. But if you just use it and have no self control no discipline it will take you down a deep hole 💯

  7. I’m 17 I been smoking since I was 12 and smokings not really run any more I just got high for the adrenaline rush really and now it’s time to try more hardcore drugs wish me luck

  8. 22 years old now, been smoking pretty much evryday for the last 4-5 years. was able to quit for 3 months couple years back but a "i think i wont get addicted again" fucked it all up. stopped smoking cold turkey 3 days ago and havent eaten anything since. no apetite. shivers. sweating. insomnia.
    Not being able to eat is by far the worst part for me.

  9. I've been smoking dabs everyday all day for seven months and been struggling to quit even if I don't smoke I feel like I'm high but a shitty high and it doesn't feel right.

  10. Thats a good balanced level headed view you have, nicely narrated.
    I myself smoked occasionally for 10 years and every night for around 20, I held down a job etc but got sick of it in the end the expense, the scam of only being able to buy a 1.6gm bag for £20 since the 90s ended and the poor U.K. quality homegrown skunked weed from people you resented giving money to the awful feeling of gratefulness which got you no higher than the tail end of a vintage comedown from when I started back in the late 80s.
    I was a connoisseur back when I started when sh*it was real with a Thai stick, a Lebanese and a Charris anytime you wanted.. before the super border patrol and the performance related incentive.
    Stopping has been hard with a lot of side effects I now know what pulling your hair out means I was literally scratching my head raw at times, terrible sweating and a sleep pattern going round the clock until eventually I was sleeping at 2 in the afternoon, no appetite all in the first month.
    Did I mention “stink hand” which a few people have mentioned from my trawl around this topic and something I wouldn’t believe was true unless I experienced it myself when your sweat stinks of sh*it as it draws out any old school residue from the depths of the fat layers in your body.
    Some of that original old school stuff in there from the rave days of the 90s by the smell of it. When that gold seal I smoked before seeing the Spacemen Three in 89 comes through I’ll know it’s over..
    I’ve been clean now for two months unfortunately am not the type of guy to be able to casually smoke now and then after what I’ve been through in the last two months.
    I’ve had to give up friends I’ve had for 30 years as they are just facilitators and ridiculous people really in the cold light of day and as a long termer I need to make a clean break with the past.
    I would rate this as more difficult than giving up cigarettes which I did 5 years ago with no problem after 30 years, good old 30 years.
    I think possibly it might be harder if your a little over weight or a “fridge bod” as it settles in your fat layers which as you get older harden making it slower process to draw out and especially during lockdown not being able to go out and about.
    If I was back working I probably wouldn’t notice to many of these side effects as I’d be on the go.
    Luckily lockdown has enabled me to do this here in the U.K. unfortunately it’s also made it harder because I’m stuck indoors and hyper alert.
    So after two months I feel clear headed but as if I’m living in a space suit so not quite 100% yet still slightly removed from reality.
    The last three weeks have had a high pitched ringing in my ears. I know all these things will go eventually and it’s the evil addicter trying to get me to give up and take a chong on the old pipe but I’m not giving in and to be honest I can’t wait for it to be gone I don’t miss it and music sounds just as good and I can hold conversations in fact I can’t stop talking and I even get on better with my folks too in their frail dotage.
    I do and I don’t regret it if I could do it all again I would smoke but not hang with regular smokers but I don’t know anyone who does it on a Saturday night only.
    Anyway my smoking days are over Yay!
    I’ll leave the last word to my alter ego “what an f ing bore”

  11. I stopped and It’s been like 5 days now. And honestly I still feel sick and shit can’t really laugh or have fun or enjoy shit still. I feel like I can’t even watch movies and don’t wanna do fun things and wanna save them for when im gonna get high next. (I’m only stopping rn Bc I’m quarantined and can’t buy more rn) but planned on just getting a cart to use during Christmas. But how long did it take after stopping smoking to start to feel normal again ? Like start to enjoy like and feel useful and start to have fun again

  12. I literslly said to myself yesterday that i cant remember what a non high lifestyle is like. Ive been multiple spliff smoking daily for like 20 years now. Im sick of it

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