21+only..How to feed outdoor cannabis plants in early flower #greenhousefeeding

A look at me feeding the outdoor garden in mid August in anticipation of the flowering stage,to donate to the channel go to …


  1. It's not really needed though, especially outdoors. These products are mostly just scams please stop trying to sell this nonsense on a public video platform thank you.

  2. One question with it being that bushy and all that leaves on it. Do you have a problem with your buds mature and and getting really dense buds. Because I'm like stuck on the fence defoliation light penetration to Bud's and non defoliation Airy buds help me out with this man

  3. Wow… those plants are beasts! Everything looks so lush and happy. How are you keeping the pests away.. not ones with legs and fur, but with legs and wings? It's hard to grow where I am right now because it's too hot, too humid and a jungle out there. Def need to put up a green house. What's the name of that stuff you're using? Thanks for posting this video:)

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