1. My fantasy is to be invited to go through a full body lift with the MP Crew, and Adam and I both decide to squat on side by side racks with perfect form (thanks to "how to squat like a pro," and the multiple squat workouts I currently do per week in MAPS Anabolic) while Justin sings a serenading melody about our amazing form. Which somehow in turn attracts all the attractive women within a 5 mile radius to come watch Adam and I crush our workout. Sal simultaneously & very smoothly signs all the ladies up for appropriate training programs for them, and we all sit down at a Thanksgiving like feast that one of the beautiful spectating women has prepared for us. Then we eat like kings, and all in good fun we end up laughing our asses of when Sal pulls out his supplement purse at dinner 🤣

  2. Fun Bro comp between Adam and Justin – Heptathlon comp where events are items like: obstacle course, escape room, Cycle-cross, fastest up climbing wall, hard spin class (see who can survive the longest)… – events that are physical but outside weight room

  3. Hmm a fantasy… first thing that comes to mind is a contest.. maybe something similar to Joe Rogan October challenges?? But a fantasy would be them seeing this comment and arm wrestling live on the podcast, unplanned!

  4. “It’s starting again…” Adam said to Justin as the blood sun rose over the west end of the mountain range.
    Justin looked to the distance and a tremor ran down his spine. As he peered into the blood red sun that was slowly peering over the horizon he sighed…”Well man, I think it’s time.”
    “Yeah, no” Adam began. Justin knew what he meant.
    He meant “Yeah”
    After watching the sunset both men decided it was high time to ride east in hopes to find some milk for their protein cereal. As they began to ride off into the distance, Justin stopped his horse and said, “You know what I just realized?”
    “What’s that??”, Adam inquired.
    “East is that way”, Justin said with bewilderment.
    Adam stared at him for a second and with a look of utter disbelief stated, “Justin, you’ve got to be f@kin kidding me.”


  5. Adam and Justin are chillin after a session of Turkish Get-ups.

    Justin: "Yo bro, I think I got some more in me, let's do some bench"
    Adam: "Dude what are you on right now?l?"
    Justin: "Shroom exlixer man you should try it"
    Adam: "I smoked weed pre workout, I stacked weed and shrooms once and ended up on the moons of Saturn with Elon Musk. Is this going to be safe"?
    Justin: "Yup, plus it makes you look extra handsome, increases your performance, might even grow your hair too"
    Adam" I'm in! Let's blast off into the mycosphere!"

  6. Good episode. I only heard of the first two , didn't know much info about it.
    I am aware of the last three.
    As for the last one, ashwaganda, I've been taking it on and off for the past couple years .
    I recently got back on it as of 3 weeks ago.
    Only in the powder form . I can't vouch for the odor as the guys mentioned 😁
    I add one serving in my first morning coffee of the day.

  7. Before our max out day for high school football me and my buddy got GAKIC from GNC cause it promised 1.5x your max on every lift after one use. It did nothing but make us laugh at everything the rest of the day. Years later in college my Fitness for Nutrition professor explained that supplements weren't regulated by the FDA with a slide dedicated to GAKIC

  8. Haha. Sparked some memories. Yes jumped on the androstenedione after MM story hit. Then the pinnacle poppers sublingual nor-androstenedione “that actually works, rather than the regular andro”, with Vince Taylor on the bottle came out. I remember because I met him at GNC and of course bought two bottles.

    Neither of them did anything for me.

  9. Nobody puts Justin in a corner and Adam always gets the last song at the Kellermans Resort. With the “Time of my life” playing in the background Justin leaps into Adam’s outstretched muscular arms who raises him high into to the air as the crowd cheers. Justin is immensely grateful Adam never skipped Overhead press day.

  10. As Adam, of the house of Schäfer, neared the center of the city, the silence began to affect him. He had braved many terrors, endured countless tests of strength and grit, but nothing like this oppressive stillness. Instinctively, he reached for his sword, a weapon of exceedingly fine workmanship, fit for only the finest of warriors. When Guod the dwarf forged it for him, he had said that it’s true power was yet to be revealed, only to be seen in a moment of truly dire need. Adam trusted, hoped, that it would work now. He could not truly understand what he was about to face, but he had made every preparation imaginable, even going so far as anointing his toenails with a magickal lacquer purported to give one unnatural confidence in the face of danger. Even the smallest detail could not be overlooked.

    As the last of the Schäfer line, and with no known heirs, Adam was hell-bent on forging his link in the chain by hand. He would bring the family out of obscurity and into glory, he often told himself. If ever there was a deed magnificent enough to hit this mark, the one he would now attempt—no, complete!—was the one for it.

    His head on a swivel, keenly aware of all around him, Adam stepped silently into the deserted town square. It seemed impossible that the very center of the deserted ruins could be any quieter than the rest of the cursed place had been, and yet it was so. Not even birdsong could be heard in that place, nor yet the rustling of leaves in the wind. Indeed, there was no wind to speak of—but why would there be, in the Place of Passing.

    Nearly a millennium ago, at the height of the Old Kingdom, this had been a place of exquisite beauty. The people, the plant life, even the beasts and the foulest of storms held great beauty in their grumblings. Bard and rover alike could make a fortune simply by telling tales of the wonders they had seen there. But one day the stories ceased. The people grew tired of the same old stories, but the fanciful place could not be found. It was as if its very existence had been snuffed out in an instant. It was as though the delicate flame atop the last stub of an old candle that had been burning for longer than anyone could recall had just been kissed by the innocent lips of some curious child, meaning to thank the source of such radiant light, but darkening the whole realm in her gratitude. Nobody who was there when it happened ever speaks of that day, for the dead do not speak. Now transfigured and deformed by time and who knows what other magicks, the city had become a home to the mists of darkness, rumored to be the place where the souls of the Fallen pass into their Beyond. The glittering tales of beauty and gaiety had passed into legend, distorted by generations of bards and others who had never seen it. Now only traces of its magnificent architecture could be spied, and those by the most well-trained eye. This beacon of the Golden Past, it seemed, was all but dust in the wind.

    The entire world seemed frozen in time and space as Adam slowly approached his quarry. In the center of the forum, in a dry fountain elevated above the worn cobblestones, stood a man made of pure gold. This statue, it seemed, was the only thing in this entire city that had been wholly unscathed by the buffetings of the passage of time. It stood with a sort of aloof erectness that betrayed the illustrious history of its home. Even in the gloom of the early evening, the faintest glimmer could perchance be seen in its eyes, as if it was somehow alive. The golden elixir that once poured from this statue had not been tasted or even seen in centuries, as the last samples in the vials of thieving outsiders turned to ash as the city faded into even less than memory.

    Adam drew near, and somehow knew what he was to do next, though he had never read the faded records of the magick of the fountain. He glanced into the yellowed cement bath surrounding the guilded figure, and carefully stepped in. He soon felt a pleasant warmth about his feet, which spread to his shins, then stopped near the middle-thigh. He wondered at the sensation as he waded towards the towering man, Justinius, the founding monarch of the Old Kingdom—Aurelia.

    As Adam approached the great Justinius, his stomach twisted, and seemed to urge him to turn back. But after everything he had done to get here, there was no turning back. A voice began softy whispering from a memory he didn’t recognize, beckoning him toward the statue. Adam recognized the voice as the old mage, Salvatore, from the last settlement he had visited, which surprised him, as they never actually exchanged words. The hermit’s hoary, wizened appearance, along with a strong odor of sardines, had made Adam loathe to tarry when the sage gripped his wrist with surprising power as Adam passed on the way to the stables. What was most shocking about this strange man, however, was the vibrant youthfulness hiding behind the haggard beard and unkempt shock of hair protruding through the many holes in his stained hood. The blue in those eyes defied description, with a depth and sharpness beyond anything Adam had ever seen. They locked eyes only for an instant, and then it was as if they had never met. The old man had vanished in the time it took a thought to cross the brain.

    Salvatore’s youthful, yet wise voice grew clearer in Adam’s mind as he continued across the empty fountain, sliding through the warmth surrounding his legs. He guided Adam to a spot just inches in front of Justinius. This, he told him, was where he would receive his coveted prize.

    “…..receive the blessed shower…..”

    Adam started. This time it had felt like Salvatore was right next to him, yet inside him all the same. He looked around, and, finding himself alone, save Justinius, sheathed his sword, and closed his eyes.

    Almost at once, Adam felt a gleeful warmth flow over his entire body, beginning at his head, slithering down his entire form. Eyes still closed, he perceived that the warmth about his legs was gaining tangibility. He looked down, and saw the fountain’s pool filling with a gold-colored liquid that was warm to the touch. He gasped in amazement, which caused him to choke on the fluid that was both warming him and filling the pool. It tasted most unpleasant, but so did grog, so he thought little of it, until he recognized the aroma rising from the pool. He looked up in alarm to discover that Justinius had been urinating on him this whole time. It was all just straight piss.

    “Gross,” he said.

    Adam’s Golden Shower.

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